Thursday, March 26th: Hello everyone, I’m Gemma and sincerely apologize to be asking for help again but, things have unfortunately gone from bad to worse for me and I still desperately need help.

As most of you are already aware, I have been struggling financially for quite some time due to my welfare benefits being revoked, under the UK’s controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned. And due to my mental health and some unfortunate DWP mess-ups, my benefits have been on and off sanctions for over a year now.

And despite receiving the results of my medical assessment earlier last month, which stated that I have a limited capability for work due to my persistent low mood and extreme fatigue, my benefits have been suspended without warning or reason. I am currently trying to appeal the decision and make a new claim. However, that will take a few weeks to be processed, and I am also trying to apply for PIP/ESA, which is another long and complicated process.

I currently don’t have any finances to pay anything, and I’m quite literally on the verge of a breakdown, as I am drowning in red notices and final demands, as I used to only get £128 per month and that wasn’t enough to cover my rent and bills leaving me in heavy debt.

At the moment, I desperately need help to keep my utilities on, pay my bills and my rent and I also have groceries to get, and it would really mean a lot to me if I could get some help. My goal is £400 to help me get by and pay my overdrawn account until my benefits are reinstated, hopefully sometime in April, but with the situation going on right now with shutdowns, that’s not guaranteed.

If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it’s just £1/$1/€1, it would literally save my life, and sharing definitely helps just as much as donations. Nobody is obligated in any way to donate if they can’t or don’t want to, I know we’re all struggling.

Thank you for your help 💖


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