How’s everyone finding the Star Wars Battlefront beta?

I haven’t played it yet…..

Noooooo! It’s only on until the 12th I think so gotta go fast!

I think the AT-AT mode is a little weighted in favor of the empire. I know thats how its supposed to be cause of the movies but when im vsing a team of 2 and my team is 5 AND THE EMPIRE STILL BEATS US. Even though we capture every post and smack the at-ats with like 12 y-wings every post change its a little ridiculous.

Yep lol, it’s so unfair! I’ve won twice as the defenders, with a party of four of us absolutely sweatying it lool. Using a snowspeeder at the end makes it easier, you can use the harpoon to take them down but I think that’s only on the final base…

Funny thing is that when i played the closed alpha it was a lot easier to kill the at-at’s and the games were basically won by the better team but now i haven’t won once in the beta lol

Interesting, I wonder if they’ll change it back. Definitely seems like everyone agrees its unfair against the defenders!

I’ve won a couple times as the rebels. If you can really hold off the satallites and keep them connected or whatever it is you have to do you can take down the at-at’s. At least it’s worked a couple times.

Yeah I reckon you have to get at least 8 Y wings stacked on the first pair of stations, and then have most of the team open fire! That definitely one of my favourite things, when you’ve got all twenty people lined up, just hammering one of the AT-ATs 😀

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